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  • Amanda Bynes Sues for Stolen Thoughts — Twitter Hacked?

    Amanda Bynes posts a crazy tweet about wanting money for her stolen thoughts.

  • Amanda Bynes Deletes Tweets Calling Her Mom Ugly & ‘Desperate For Attention’

    Amanda Bynes takes to Twitter saying that her mother is ugly and desperate, drake has herpes, and more but quickly deletes all of the tweets.

  • Kristen Bauguess, James Woods’ Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    James Woods has a new 20-year-old girlfriend, Kristen Bauguess. She has Woods' heart ... plus an arrest record and aliases.

  • 10 New Disney Worlds That Need to Be in Kingdom Hearts 3

    Kingdom Hearts 3 better let us run rampant in these Disney franchises.

  • Will Smith Shoots & KILLS: R.I.P. Justin Bieber [VIDEO]

    R.I.P. Justin Bieber. Will Smith shoots and kills Justin Bieber in a 7 second video medley of Will Smith in "I Am Legend" and Justin Bieber singing "Baby."

  • ‘Yeezus’ Deluxe Album? Best Buy Doesn’t Think So

    The Internet has been quietly discussing a Yeezus Deluxe version, with 4 more additional tracks. However, online retailers like Best Buy dispelled those rumors.

  • Amanda Bynes Attacked by ‘Modern Family’ Star and Boyfriend

    Amanda Bynes and Matt Prokop participate in another war one of Amanda's twitter wars, except this time Amanda didn't start it.

  • Amanda Bynes is IN LOVE, Her Provacative Tweets Reveal

    Amanda Bynes posts a series of love-stricken tweets within a very short time. Who's the mysterious object of her affection?

  • MMVA 2013: Full List of Winners & Losers

    Here are the winners for one of Canada's biggest award shows - and their winning music videos.

  • Top 10 Games We Wanted to See at E3 2013

    These are the games we wished would have gotten an awesome E3 2013 trailer.

  • Amanda Bynes is Faking It: Admits Twitter Rants Are “All An Act”

    In a texting conversation between Amanda Bynes and her publicist Jonathan Jaxson, the actress admits her Twitter rants are fake and only for attention.

  • Billy Ray Cyrus Divorce: Miley Fires Back at Father

    Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus file for a second divorce. Tension between Miley and Billy Ray builds as Miley publicly addresses father over Twitter.

  • Amanda Bynes Offered Rap Deal

    Amanda Bynes gets offered a rapping record deal by producer Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records. Is this a good or bad idea? You be the judge!

  • Another Amanda Bynes Twitter Attack: Cher Dodges Her Bullet

    Amanda Bynes and Cher share a short but sassy exchange on Twitter. Cher apologizes to Amanda soon after.

  • The 10 Best Canadian TV Shows You Need to Watch

    These past and present Canadian shows imported breakthrough superstars internationally...

  • The Last of Us: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

    Naughty Dog is embarking on a new post-apocalyptic theme.

  • Deadpool: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

    Deadpool looks like a fun and incredibly bloody good time.

  • Bikers Scare Off Westboro Baptist from Tornado Victim’s Funeral

    A community in mourning united against the hateful protesters planning to disgrace a 9-year-old's funeral.

  • Amanda Bynes Arrested for Throwing Bong Out Apartment Window

    Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday night after throwing a bong out of her Midtown apartment when police showed up at her door in response to a disturbance call.

  • Moore Oklahoma Tornado: Staggering Before-and-After Photos

    Check out the devastating before and after photos Moore, Oklahoma when a tornado touched down on Monday, killing 24 people, including nine children.

  • Dozens Dead in Moore Tornado: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    The most destructive tornado in history has devastated the city of Moore, Oklahoma — taking dozens of lives including many at an elementary school.

  • American Idol Winner Candice Glover: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

    Here's what you need to know about the latest "American Idol" winner,

  • Amanda Bynes: Topless Twitter Pics and Her Evolution of Crazy

    The latest chapter of Amanda Bynes' crazy behavior includes topless Twitter pics and a Jenny McCarthy feud.

  • Vicious Illinois Shooting: Family Slain by Mayor’s Nephew

    Five victims, including two small boys, were shot to death by the mayor's nephew.

  • 5 Dead in Shooting at Illinois Home: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    A child is among the victims of a shooting at a public housing complex in Illinois.

  • Amanda Bynes ‘Gets High on Street’ & Tweets ‘Thaaaaaat’s Me!’

    And here we thought 'The Amanda Show' had been cancelled in 2002.

  • Forbes’ Hip-Hop Rich List: The 5 Wealthiest Rappers in the World

    What's more obscene — the lyrics or the wealth?

  • Amanda Bynes to Sue Perez Hilton & US Weekly

    We love Amanda Bynes and would never say anything bad about her.

  • Hostess to Sell Twinkies for $410 Million

    They've finally found out where the cream filling is, but it's coming at a cost.

  • Mark Hamill to Return for Star Wars 7?: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Wait, this guy's still alive?

  • Toronto Raptors Try to Squash Beef with Wale

    The Toronto Raptors are trying to set the record straight on the verbal dust-up from Tuesday night’s Wizards-Raptors game in Washington with rapper Wale.