11 Best Cat Box Furniture Enclosures 2018 (Updated!)

Depending on the setup of your home, the great challenge with having cats may not be the maintenance of the litter box, but rather trying to disguise it. If you don’t have a basement or spare closet in which to hide it, guests will sooner or later have to confront the box your cat uses as a bathroom.

Switching to a covered cat box can be helpful. They usually do an okay job of containing the odors and the mess itself is hidden from view. Unfortunately, they come with the unpleasant side effect of being larger, so they stand out in a room more.

To really successfully hide a cat box, you’ll want to consider furniture built especially for the purpose. Typically taking the form of an end table or bench and made of dark stained wood, they’re a marked upgrade from a cheap plastic tray on your floor. These days, the options are varied enough that most people will be able to find something that fits the decor of their home.

Naturally, once you’ve chosen a litter box, you’ll need the litter to go in it. Our guide to the top ten best cat litter brands is here.

For any of these, since they’re meant to coexist in your living areas, you might want a small deodorizer to go inside them to further help hold down bad smells. The newly-released VentiFresh fits this description nicely and could be worth your consideration.

If you have a cat and you’re sick of looking at an ugly litter box, consider our list of the top ten best cat box furniture enclosures.

1. Trixie Pet Products Wooden Cat Home & Litter Box

Image of trixie pet wooden cat box furniture

(Trixie Pet Products)

Available in brown or white, this simple but elegant option stands 20 inches tall. That’s tall enough for an end table or a nightstand, but won’t overwhelm your room. The opening for the cat is eight and a half inches, while the door opens a whole side of the house to make cleaning easy. It doesn’t come with a litter box, and you’ll have to choose somewhat carefully when buying one to go inside.

Boxes with tall sides will obscure the opening, while boxes that flare at the top may mean the door doesn’t close easily. The large size of this Petmate litter pan should fit, with measurements of 18 inches by 15 inches by 5 inches. Overall dimensions of the enclosure are 19.25 inches by 20 inches by 20 inches.

Price: $57.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Trixie Pet Products Wooden Cat Home & Litter Box here.


  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Use as a bed or a litter box
  • Ventilated back panel
  • Easy to assemble


  • Litter box not included
  • High sided cat boxes will partially block opening
  • Some litter boxes may make it difficult to close the door
  • No liner to protect wood from misses

Find more Trixie Pet Products Wooden Cat Home & Litter Box information and reviews here.

2. Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench

Image of merry products cat washroom bench cat box furniture

(Merry Products)

Similar to the Trixie option, this Merry Products enclosure is larger, forming a bench like you might put in a hallway. The extra room means you can put any litter box you want in it, including a self cleaning litter box. If you prefer to use a standard size box, you can install the optional partition inside, giving you a place to keep litter and the scoop.

Again, this one is made of pressboard, so you’ll want to consider waterproofing the inside if your cats are prone to missing the box. Contact paper should do the trick and won’t increase the price very much, which is already at the higher end. The walnut stained color is the more expensive of the two, with the white option going for $159.99 at the time of this writing. Dimensions are 37.5 inches wide by 22.5 inches tall by 21.2 inches deep.

If you like the style of the Merry piece, but don’t want the larger box, they also make a smaller option, which is $100 less and comes in white, espresso, and walnut.

Price: $190.26

Buy the Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench here.


  • Large enough for any size litter box, including self cleaning units
  • Removable partition for litter and scoop storage
  • Wide opening side doors for easy cleanup
  • Easy to assemble


  • Litter box not included
  • No liner to protect wood from misses
  • Hardware not the best
  • Pricey

Find more Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench information and reviews here.

3. The Refined Feline Refined Litter Box

Image of the refined feline cat box furniture

(The Refined Feline)

Taking the above concept a step further, The Refined Feline have waterproofed the inside of this bench-style enclosure for you. It’s still big enough for self cleaning boxes, and includes a storage drawer at the top for accessories. You can construct it so that the door faces the right or left, depending on where in your home it will go.

Reviewers note that it’s somewhat difficult to put together, owing to the relatively cheap hardware. Once it’s set up, though, most people don’t realize what it is. To ensure they don’t, pick up some of these Catit Carbon Filters to slide over the vent holes at the back to keep odors at bay.

Colors include this mahogany veneer, poplar veneer, and espresso. The external litter catch is sold separately, and it appears that only the one that matches the espresso finish is available at this time. External dimensions are 33.5 inches wide by 28.5 inches tall by 23 inches deep; internal dimensions are 31.5 inches by 20.5 inches by 20 inches.

Price: $219.33 (12 percent off MSRP)

Buy the The Refined Feline Refined Litter Box here.


  • Internal plastic liner to protect against misses
  • Large enough for any size litter box, including self cleaning units
  • Reversible construction for choice of entry side
  • Storage drawer


  • Pricey
  • Litter box not included
  • Carbon filter not included
  • Outside litter catcher not included

Find more The Refined Feline Refined Litter Box information and reviews here.

4. Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider

Image of modern cat designs litter box hider cat box furniture

(Modern Cat Designs)

For those who prefer the IKEA aesthetic, this might be the one for you. Clad in chrome and white, this modern-looking piece is finished in a spill-proof veneer, removing the need for liners. It’s large enough for just about any litter box and attractive enough for any room in your house.

The side doors open completely to make scooping and changes easy, though you’ll have to find somewhere else to put the scoop when you’re done. This one also comes in brown, if you prefer.

Smaller sizes in both brown and white are also available. Dimensions on the large unit are 27.8 inches tall by 39 inches wide by 21 inches deep.

Price: $599.95

Buy the Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider here.


  • Spill resistant finish
  • Ultra modern design
  • Large enough for any size litter box, including self cleaning units
  • Open top shelf


  • Very pricey
  • Litter box not included
  • No separate hidden storage for scoop or liter

Find more Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider information and reviews here.

5. Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Litter Box

Image of good pet stuff hidden liter box cat box furniture

(Good Pet Stuff)

For something a little different than the standard box-like configurations, consider this neat fake terra cotta planter. Excellent for corners or behind other furniture, this will pretty convincingly disguise your litter box. The ventilation is filtered and will keep the odors to a minimum.

While you can’t use your own litter box (including self cleaning boxes), the very base of this one is the litter box, so you don’t have to buy or maintain anything extra. This might not be a good choice for you if fake plants aren’t your thing, but if you like a little greenery in your home, this is an excellent option.

Dimensions are 19 inches in diameter by 20 inches tall without the plant. With the plant, it’s 42 inches tall.

Price: $70

Buy the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Litter Box here.


  • Planter style makes it good for corners of the room
  • Filtered ventilation system
  • Made of polypropylene so spills are no problem
  • Bottom is a large-capacity, built-in litter box


  • Can’t be used with self cleaning litter boxes nor conventional liners
  • Might be tricky to clip top and bottom together
  • Fake plants a polarizing design choice
  • Some cats might make a sport of destroying the plant and fake soil

Find more Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Litter Box information and reviews here.

6. Petsfit Espresso Double-Decker Pet House Litter Box Enclosure Night Stand

Image of petsfit double decker litter box enclosure cat box furniture


This novel approach stacks two single-width units on top of each other to create another layer of separation between the litter box and the rest of the room. The entrance at the top leads to a small shelf with a hole in the floor, allowing for top entry into the litter box compartment. This makes for an overall height of 35 inches, which is perfect for a nightstand.

This night stand is 23 inches deep by 21 inches wide, with a litter box area measuring 22 inches by 19 inches by 13 inches tall. That means a high-sided box like this Pureness Giant High Sides Pan will fit nicely.

You’ll probably want to waterproof the bottom part somehow, just to be safe. While the worst part of this unit by far is the paw print vent holes that give away what it’s for, this still makes for a fine option. Colors include white and espresso.

Like others on this list, a single-height option is also available. This one notably lacks the paw prints and would make a great end table.

Price: $169 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Petsfit Espresso Double-Decker Pet House Litter Box Enclosure Night Stand here.


  • Two tier system further controls litter tracking
  • Door latches shut
  • Internal top entry means you can use high-sided litter boxes
  • Shelf for scoop storage


  • Paw print vent holes give away the facade
  • Litter box not included
  • Very large and self cleaning litter boxes unlikely to fit
  • No waterproof cover

Find more Petsfit Espresso Double-Decker Pet House Litter Box Enclosure Night Stand information and reviews here.

7. Philociety Litter Box Cabinet

Image of philocity litter box cabinet cat box furniture


This model features a stout build with thick walls, all tied together with a minimalist aesthetic. This is the newer version, which features a white door that opens fully for easy access. While there’s no place to keep the scoop and litter on this one, it’s still a very handsome piece that will easily hide your cat box.

The exterior dimensions are 22.3 inches long by 18 inches wide by 18 inches high; interior dimensions are 20.7 inches long by 16.4 inches wide by 16.4 inches tall. For $119.99, you can opt for the larger version, which has dual doors and increases the interior dimensions to 28.3 inches long, 22 inches high and 22 inches wide.

Again, the large Petmate Litter Pan should do the job here.

Price: $69.99

Buy the Philociety Litter Box Cabinet here.


  • Modern look
  • Pre-constructed
  • Thick panels for the sides and top
  • Odor and moisture resistant finish


  • Somewhat on the small side
  • Initial finish odor on unpacking (dissipates within days)
  • No storage capacity
  • Litter box not included

Find more Philociety Litter Box Cabinet information and reviews here.

8. Mr. Herzher’s Wicker Cat Litter Pan Cover

Image of mr herzher's wicker cat box furniture

(Mr. Herzher’s)

For a very different looking option, consider this wicker-clad cover. The wicker makes it odor and moisture resistant, as well as easy to clean with soap and water. The litter box, which must be on the smaller side, sits on rails inside, so you can easily pull it out for cleaning. It sits on non-slip feet that won’t damage flooring.

Reviews appear to be mixed about how easy assembly is, though most note that it’s a five minute procedure. The large size measure 16.25 inches wide by 19.75 inches long by 18.5 inches tall, which fits an 18 inch by 15 inch pan, preferably something around four inches tall. There’s a jumbo size, as well, which fits litter pans 17 inches by 22 inches.

Price: $81.41 (6 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Mr. Herzher’s Wicker Cat Litter Pan Cover here.


  • Litter box sits on rails that glide out for cleaning
  • Wicker is odor and moisture resistant
  • Easy to assemble
  • Litter catch tray


  • Litter box not included
  • Doesn’t mask odors as well as solid-sided units
  • Must use a relatively shallow pan
  • Latch can be difficult to close

Find more Mr. Herzher’s Wicker Cat Litter Pan Cover information and reviews here.

9. New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo

Image of new age pet ecoflex litter loo cat box furniture

(New Age Pet)

If you want to be absolutely sure the enclosure you choose will resist odors and moisture, turning to new materials can make a difference. This unit is made of ecoFLEX, which is a combination of recycled wood byproducts and polymers that creates will far outlast anything made of pressboard. There’s also the added advatage of using recycled materials, if that’s important to you.

This is a fairly standard end table with space inside for a 20 inch by 17 inch litter pan. The overall dimensions are 23.6 inches long by 18.5 inches wide by 22 inches high for the standard size, while the jumbo size measures 30 inches long by 24 inches wide by 28.9 inches high. The jumbo holds a litter box measuring 22 inches by 28 inches, and would be better for multiple cats. Colors for this include Espresso, Antique White, and Russet.

Price: $91.50 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy the New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo here.


  • ecoFLEX material repels moisture and odor
  • Easy assembly
  • Fold out gate for easy cleaning


  • Litter box not included
  • Matte finish may scuff
  • Material is somewhat brittle

Find more New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo information and reviews here.

10. Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure

Image of designer catbox furniture

Designer Catbox

In researching for this list, we found that a common complaint about some of the other bench-style litter box enclosures was that they didn’t open from the top. Having the opening in the top is more convenient for some people and may mean that you can fit litter boxes that might not have fit through the doors of other units.

More than that, though, this offers you a couple of setup options when you’re constructing it. Firstly, the opening can be put on either side, depending where you want it to sit. You have the option of installing an internal divider so that the box can be separate from a scoop and the litter container.

If you opt to install the divider, you can use a litter pan that measures 18.5 by 15.25 by 5.25 inches (or 9.8 inches tall if you opt for a high-back pan). If you don’t install the divider, the interior dimensions are 26.4 long by 18.5 wide by 14.2 high, so you can choose any pan that fits within those measures.

Otherwise, this is a standard large piece, with nicely finished feet, available in white, black, or espresso. This isn’t waterproof, so take additional precaution with the inside as necessary, though the finish should stand up to a bit of abuse.

Price: $114.95 to $134.95

Buy the Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure here.


  • Top opening enclosure
  • Nice finish accents
  • Large enough for various sizes of litter box
  • Construction options including interior divider and your choice of side opening


  • Litter box not included
  • Can’t be flush against the wall and open at the same time

Find more Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure information and reviews here.

11. Mable Ruth Ottoman Pet House Hidden Litter Box Enclosure

Image of mable ruth ottoman cat box furniture

Mable Ruth

For another top-opening option, consider this simple ottoman enclosure. No fancy bells and whistles here, just a lightweight ottoman that can support up to 175 pounds. This is good for both your comfort, if you choose, or makes a good pet bed.

The faux leather is easily wiped clean and the entire structure can be folded up when not in use. The overall dimensions are 24 inches long by 19.5 inches wide by 16 inches tall, which should accommodate a very wide variety of litter boxes. Some self cleaning boxes don’t work in this case because the opening isn’t tall enough for cats to comfortably enter when using those larger units.

Price: $59.97

Buy the Mable Ruth Ottoman Pet House Hidden Litter Box Enclosure here.


  • Ottoman that supports up to 175 pounds
  • Helps trap odors
  • Soft cushion top doubles as a pet bed
  • Lightweight


  • Relatively thin construction
  • Some cats are reluctant to go inside
  • Won’t fit larger litter boxes
  • Litter box not included

Find more Mable Ruth Ottoman Pet House Hidden Litter Box Enclosure information and reviews here.

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