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14 Best Cat Treats: Compare, Buy & Save

While dog treats tend to be used more productively as a training device, cat treats don’t necessarily have that same function. Some cats can certainly be trained, no question, but it’s just not quite as common. Treats for cats are just to spend a few moments connecting with them, or to incentivize play. For example, the PetSafe SlimCat Food Dispenser that we included on our interactive cat toys post would make an excellent way to treat your cat while getting them to play. To give your cat a taste of something indulgent every once in awhile, here’s our list of the best cat treats.

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Cat treats can be used as a peace offering after putting your cat through something they hate. If your cat hates riding in a car, give them a few treats when the ride is over. Same goes for nail trimmings, baths, or any other experience your cat would rather avoid. This way, you don't give them too many treats in the course of a normal week.

Saving the treats for special occasions is especially wise, since vets say that treats should make up no more than ten percent of your kitty's caloric intake. Studies show that over half of the cats in the U.S. are overweight, and an overweight cat should get no calorie-loaded treats at all. For them, pet grass and catnip — both included on our list — is best. On the other hand, cat treats can come with other benefits, such as to support certain health conditions or to clean teeth, so we've included options for that, as well.

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