15 Best Dog Shoes for Dog Outfits

For the trendy pup, here are the best dog shoes with which to accessorize.

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Dog Outfits

The last time we discussed dog boots, the focus was on protection for adverse weather. From disposable booties to paw treatments, we focused on products that would keep salt and other chemicals from irritating and harming dog paws.

This time out, we're aiming for something a little different and going purely for looks. There's no real reason to buy your dog fly kicks, but if you're so inclined, it helps to have some to choose from. These don't have quite the protective capabilities of their more-rugged counterparts, but if you want your dog to match you or just don a sweet getup for any reason, you might as well accessorize their paws, too.

We looked for a range of interesting or designer sneaks, which you could perhaps pair with a designer collar if you wanted to go all out. This is all about giving your dog a cool look from head to toe.

One thing to note about fashionable dog footwear is that most of it seems aimed at smaller dogs. When shopping, if you have a medium to large breed, chances are you're looking for the largest size the offer, but you should keep in mind that most of these are aimed at toy breeds.

The sizes are noted where available, but many reviewers note that the sizing charts are inaccurate. Assume all of them run small. On the plus side, this means they could also work for your cat.

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