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101 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers: Your Ultimate List

Looking for a good gift for the dog owner in your life? Gifts for dog owners can cover everything from the super practical to the hilarious. Find the best gifts for dog lovers in our extensive list below.

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Gifts for Dog Owners

Much like gifts for musicians, shopping for a dog owner gives you vital information right away. In both cases, it's equally welcome to gift something super practical to help with the everyday maintenance of being a dog lover as it is to gift something frivolous and fun that references dogs.

As the owner of three dogs, I can tell you that I go through a lot of supplies. Everything you can think of: dog treats, collars, dog wipes, you name it. And while it might seem unglamorous to turn some of these into gifts, when I recieve them, it makes me think two things: 1. The gift giver is thinking about how to make my life easier and 2. The gift giver takes an interest in my dogs.

Dog owners know not everyone is a dog lover, but it makes us feel good when you give gifts that acknowledge our dogs as members of the family. We know they can be a bit much when you visit and they're excited to see you, after all.

This list contains the full spectrum of possibilities to help you choose the most fitting gift for the dog owner in your life.

Dog Gifts

A large percentage of dog owners buy their dogs gifts for Christmas and maybe even their birthday or gotcha day. Obviously, the dogs don't have any idea what day it is, but they're excited when you're excited, so it's fun to include them in the festivities.

To that end, when considering buying a gift for the dog lover in your life, you can also consider buying the gift for the dog. While gifting for the dog owner might mean a dog gadget or a t-shirt, gifts for the dog include durable dog toys, which are never quite as durable as you'd think and need to be replaced regularly, or even treat dispensers to keep them occupied (and filled with treats).

These can be on-theme, like the rawhide candy cane on this list, or outerwear for future adventures like dog raincoats and dog backpacks.

Ultimately, it's hard to go wrong when shopping for dogs and the humans that love them. Whether you give them something fun that reminds them why they love their dog or something that makes owning a dog easier, you can be sure it'll be appreciated.

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