The Fi Smart Collar Series 2: Why Your Dog Needs It

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We love our dogs, and we’d do anything to ensure their safety and comfort. But as you may know, the things that we love are often what cause us the most anxiety. While great options like pet insurance can ease some of that anxiety, there’s nothing worse than not being able to locate your dog. That’s where the Fi Smart Collar Series 2 can help.

This sophisticated product goes beyond a dog collar– it’s your pet’s tracking device, health monitor, and fashion piece all-in-one.

Along with the corresponding Fi app, the Fi Smart Dog Collar utilizes a subscription-based service to offer a wide range of customizable features that suit the individual needs of you and your dog. The Fi Smart Collar Series 2 model is the most advanced Fi product available and utilizes one-of-a-kind LTE-M tracking technology so that you always know where to find your pet.

How does the Fi Series 2 Collar track my dog?

The product bills itself as the world’s first LTE-M smart collar. Just like your cellphone, the Fi collar uses the LTE-M cellular network to track location over long distances. When your dog is within range, you can also connect the Fi collar to your home WiFi network. This helps to conserve battery and improve the accuracy of the collar’s location services. Additionally, the product comes with a base that you can place inside your home. When the Fi collar is equipped with escape detection (available through a subscription), the Fi app can tell you if your dog has left the base’s range– meaning that you will be notified if your dog escapes the yard!

How often does the Fi Series 2 Collar update my dog’s location?

The collar’s location settings refresh every 2-5 minutes unless you put the collar in “Lost Dog Mode.” In this setting, the location settings are refreshed every minute until you bring your dog home!

What is the collar’s estimated battery life?

The collar can go up to three months between charges if kept solely on a WiFi connection and within range of the base. However, for a dog that goes on frequent walks within range of the owner’s cell phone, the battery can last for up to two months. The GPS-only tracking feature uses the most battery life, and if used frequently will mean that the collar needs to be charged roughly every three weeks. This is well beyond the battery life of competing products, such as the Whistle or Tractive.

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What’s included in my purchase?

Your purchase includes the Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 2 in the style of your choice, a charging base, and a charging plug. Once you purchase the collar, the Fi app is available for free on the App Store. This is where you can purchase and make changes to your Fi subscription. You can also extend your Fi collar’s coverage by purchasing a second Fi base for $39. This can be placed in a secondary location, such as a vacation home or a friend’s house, for when your dog is outside of his usual location range.

Do I need a subscription to use the collar?

There are some features of the Fi Series 2 Collar available for free. For example, you can still track your dog if he or she is within range of your home Wi-Fi network or cell phone. However, if you want to access some of the collar’s more sophisticated features– such as Lost Dog Mode, health activity records, and GPS tracking outside the range of your cell phone– you’ll need a subscription.

How much does the subscription cost?

Subscriptions are available on a 1, 2, and 3-year basis. Purchasing a 2 or 3-year subscription allows you to save an annual percentage of 5% (2-year plan) and 16% (3-year plan).

1 Year Plan: $99
2 Year Plan: $186
3 Year Plan: $248

What if I have multiple dogs? Do I need two subscription plans?

Subscriptions operate on a per-collar basis. This means that if you have two dogs with Fi Smart Collars, you’ll need two subscriptions.

Not sure if the subscription feature is right for you? The product offers a free 30-day trial. At the end of 30 days, if you’re satisfied with the services, you’ll be charged for the plan you selected upon enrollment.

Is the Fi Series 2 Collar water-resistant?

Got a pup who loves going for a swim? The Fi collar has been tested in water at depths of up to five feet, as well as saltwater-spray tested to ensure durability in all water conditions. When washing the collar, however, it’s recommended that you remove the GPS module and hand-wash the collar in warm water.

Can my dog tear off the collar?

The collar’s GPS plate has been reinforced with armored aluminum and equipped with internal metal armor to create a “bite-proof” home for the tracking device. Additionally, the collar advertises 300-lb pull resistance to withstand even the strongest leash-strainers.

What are some other features unique to the Fi Smart Collar Series 2?

One of the most unique aspects of the Fi Smart Collar and the corresponding subscription is its ability to track your dog’s health and fitness through a “behavioral insights” feature. The app synthesizes data from the collar to track your dog’s sleep patterns. You can learn how much time your dog spends each day napping, in deep sleep, and awake. Additionally, if the app detects a variance in these patterns, you’ll be alerted. Sleep tracking is exclusive to the Fi Series 2 collar and above.

Additionally, the app’s “activity tracker” feature works like the human version of a FitBit, giving you the ability to track your dog’s steps and set personalized goals for him or her. You can even compete with other dogs within the app!

Another great feature is the LED light system within the collar. You can control this light remotely from your phone, so that your dog is visible at night. The color of the LED light is also customizable on the app. Additionally, while set to “Lost Dog Mode,” the LED light automatically flashes red to make your pet more visible.

The Fi Smart Collar Series 2 costs $149 without the subscription and is available in four sizes. When selecting your collar, you’ll find a wide variety of styles and materials available– Fi works with third-party vendors to create fun, customizable designs that are compatible with the tracking device. Additionally, they’re offering a summer sale– you can get $70 off with code SUMMER70 if you order by July 16th. The collar comes with a one-year warranty and shipping is free. Don’t wait– equip your dog with peace of mind, and enjoy the rest of the summer knowing that the Fi Smart Collar will keep your furry friend by your side for all of your adventures together!

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