10 Cool Pieces of Childhood Nostalgia You Forgot Existed

10 Cool Thing From Your Past
Nostalgia is like a drug. Since we live in a time where time machines are a product of fiction we use it by surfing the web and staring at our uploaded photographs. Some of us use it more than others, forever clinging to our Saturday morning cartoons while wondering where the time has gone. Here are a few things from your childhood that you may not remember.

10 Cool Things From Your Past

If you saw this it probably meant you were eating too much candy or you were coming down with something. Any doctor’s office with the tinniest a sense of enjoyment had one of these in their waiting room. It was only a matter of minutes before you’d try to throw a bead hard enough to make it all the way to the other end.

10 Thing Cool Things From Your Past

Before auto-tuned was invested and your eardrums were constantly molested by T-Pain, we had these. $0.99 and you could jam out infront of your TV until you parents put serious thought into putting you up for adoption.

10 Thing Cool Things From Your Past

Picture day was one of the greatest days of the school year. It was another excuse to wear that totally over the top outfit your parents bought for your first day of school. They handed out free combs and you got to pic out your favorite heavily 80s influenced custom background. The only thing better than picture day was field day. Remember field day?

10 Thing Cool Things From Your Past

While we are on the subject of school, did you forget about these things? Primitive right? These used to make sharpening pencils an event, an event the entire class had the opportunity to join in on audibly, whether they liked it or not.

10 Thing Cool Things From Your Past

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Home Alone 2 anyone? Anyone that has seen that movie wanted one of these. Now of course something like this is pretty much worthless. Unless you’re Aaron Bruno, he seems to enjoy it still.

10 Thing Cool Things From Your Past

They call us they lazy generation and this toy is a perfect example of why. Seriously? We couldn’t catch our own balls?

10 Thing Cool Things From Your Past

Bill Nye The Science Guy is pretty damn nostalgic but we aren’t talking about him today, we’re talking about that TV on wheels. This gem is also known as ‘OMG there’s a TV in the class, we don’t have to do work.’

10 Thing Cool Things From Your Past

10 Thing Cool Things From Your Past

It’s because of this little doodle that we can all say that we had a short stint in the graffiti world. Cheers to the little Bansky in all of us.

10 Thing Cool Things From Your Past

Feeling thirsty? Well nothing will quench your thirst more than some ice cold high fructose corn syrup and color blue #5. The only upsetting thing about drinking these (you know, besides dying a horrible diabetic related death) is that the Kool-Aid guy never actually exploded through your wall. I guess it was for the best, I don’t think insurance companies cover soft drink casualties.

What are some things that you remember from your childhood?
Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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