Coca-Cola Commercial Urges ‘Don’t Drink Coke’

Don’t Drink Coke

This video is currently making the rounds on all the popular social networks. Give it a watch.

The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercialcokefightsobesity@gmail.com2013-01-16T16:56:21.000Z

You might be asking yourself why this exists, and it’s a good question. It’s not because someone decided to tell everyone Coke is unhealthy out of some weird vengeful soda-feud, it’s because Coca-Cola’s latest ad-campaign tries to spin Coca-Cola off as being a health-concerned company.

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I guess this is what you get when people find your advertising fake and put-on. If you’re really curious how dangerous Coke is, just remember that enough of it can kill you.

Coke had it way better when it was just them against Pepsi.