Instagram Snapshot: Top 10 Pop Stars to Follow

Can’t get enough of your favorite pop stars? Here’s a complete list of which ones you should be following on Instagram so you don’t miss what the Biebs had for lunch.

10. Taylor Swift Instagram: @taylorswift
Despite the crazy and the live singing voice, Taylor Swift is still hot. And that’s why she’s good to follow on Instagram. Daily candid (or staged) photos of Taylor Swift does the body good. Although you may have to sort through a few too many pictures of her cats to find them.


9. Justin Bieber Instagram: @justinbieber
You can’t have an Instagram pop star breakdown without at least including Justin Bieber. Whether you think he’s the next King of Pop or a complete and utter douche bag, one of his melodies has at least been stuck in your head at some point. And while you might have to wade through one too many Bieber selfies, the glamour of his pop star life is hard not to follow.


8. Lady Gaga Instagram: @ladygaga
If you like selfies, Lady Gaga has got it covered. But unlike the Biebs, Lady Gaga does it in her own, quirky Zooey Deschanel meets Grace Jones way. Typical pictures include strange outfits or exhausted, morning after partying looks. And true to her brand, there’s a special few that will make you go, WTF?


7. Demi Lovato Instagram: @ddlovato
An up-and-coming pop queen, Demi was a teenage Disney star. Newer to the Instagram scene, she provides the much needed eye candy with a mixture of “daddy didn’t love me” Ke$ha-esque craziness. Can’t wait for bikini season!


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6. Drake Instagram: @champagnepapi
Avoid jealously – don’t follow Drake on Instagram. Rolling out daily photos of his awesome, hip hop life, pictures often include private jets, bags of money, bottles of Veuve Clicquot, and pretty much everything we daydream about while at work.


5. Beyoncé Instagram: @officialbeyonce
If you haven’t seen Beyoncé’s face enough in everyday life, try adding her to your Instagram roster too. Edging further away from the corporation she is, a lot of the photos show a more human, domestic side to the new mother and her baby Blue.


4. Snoop Dogg Instagram: @snoopdogg
While most of Snoop Dogg’s posts highlight his affinity for 420 culture, occasionally there will be a hysterical gem that showcases his sense of humor too. And may also leave you scratching your head.


3. Rihanna Instagram: @badgalriri
While Taylor Swift might provide good girl ying, Rihanna definitely provides the bad girl yang. Even her handle “badgalriri” says it all. Be prepared to be barraged my pictures of this pop star hottie flicking you off in a bikini, rolling a joint, and smoking cigarettes in leather jackets.


2. Jason Mraz Instagram: @jason_mraz
Jason Mraz is one of my favorite Instagrams to follow because he rarely, if ever, posts pictures of himself. Mostly he posts pictures of the cool life he lives and his beautiful home – which isn’t that hard, since he resides in photogenic San Diego.


1. Justin Timberlake Instagram: @justintimberlake
Add another expertise to Justin Timberlake’s already impressive resume: Instagram artistic. The man has skills, taking beautiful shots of daily and tour life in filtered and defined black-and-white. Now it may be a marketing ploy as JT is seemingly aiming to establish himself as a new recruit to the new school Rat Pack, but who cares. The pictures are just too cool not to follow.


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