Playstation 4 Reactions in 15 Photos and Memes

playstation 4 memes
They’re here already.

So, reactions to the PS4 were a mixed bag, while most gamers said they’d buy one, most of the memes here fixate on some of the weird aspects of the press conference and console. Sony chose to add social media features to the console, but as commentators point out…

Games are Anti-Social

PS4 memes

This was the number one thread at Gamer Suggestions.
PS4 memes

And reddit user PJCAPO points to most dudes’ social media nightmare…
PS4 memes

Social media features came across as unneeded, and what was needed was well, an actual PS4. Sony did not show the console.

Scumbag Sony.

PS4 memes

Lost :(

PS4 memes

IGN mocks Sony.

PS4 memes

It’s either a doormat or it looks like this.

PS4 memes

One redditor even fashioned his own version of the console.

PS4 memes

Online Emphasis

With Sony pushing online capability, reddit was quick to bring up the fact that Sony isn’t known for reliable online gameplay.

Diablo 3 screenshots are just an error screen.

PS4 memes

Another redditor points out issues with the light bar.

PS4 memes

Dusting off an old rumored controller.

PS4 memes

But this is definitely the real Dual Shock IV

PS4 memes

Your friends would be so into this, share it!

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Some people weren’t too blown away with the new features

PS4 memes

If the PS4 was an Apple product…


One guy expressed his lack of excitement by inventing this fake game.

PS4 memes

All in all, it was an exciting press conference. We’ll see how the two new consoles shape up. Unfortunately for Nintendo, this doesn’t look like their generation, but that doesn’t mean that gamers won’t win.

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