Everything About This Vintage Photo of Kids is Creepy

Just a word of caution, if one of your grandparents ever offers to show you a photo of them as a child, run. Vintage photos of children are like the creepiest thing ever and this one is straight-up John Carpenter scary. Take a look and after you’re finished crying we’ll go through the entire photo rundown.

old scary children photo

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…So you’ve pulled yourself out from under the bed and come back for more, huh? First off, we’ve got that little girl on the left with the dead eye stare of a child with the Shining gift. And those kids are always paranormal freakshows. Then we have that baby in the middle, not nearly as creepy as the other little girl, but probably evil nonetheless. Finally, we’ve got the child on the far right who looks almost transparent. $50 says she didn’t even show up in the photograph until after it was taken. Ghost kids are always pulling that freaky move. She probably fell in an old farming well or something and now haunts the house for eternity.

And that about does it… OH SH*T! Who’s the creepy Freddy Kruger looking dude photobombing in the background?! Terrifying on all fronts.


*Discretion: Heavy.com will not be held responsible for your nightmares from this photo.

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