20 Things You’re Guaranteed to See on St. Patrick’s Day

Don’t even try to avoid the St. Patrick’s Day hoopla this year. You can’t hide. The green wave of Irish pride will find you and pump its Celtic blood through your veins… probably in the form of alcohol. Whether you go all out this March 17th or try to steer clear of the madness, chances are that you WILL encounter these 20 St. Patrick’s Day staples at some point in your day.

Green beer is here! Drink it down and then gaze in awe at the green pee to follow.

green beer

Get ready to see some pooches decked out in their finest St. Paddy’s duds.

irish dog

Hopefully you’ll encounter some delicious Irish cuisine.

irish food

But you’ll probably run into this green slop instead.

gross irish food

You will see annoying drunk girls (you might even be one of them).

annoying drunk girls

A Leprechaun using public transit? Yes, even magical Irish trolls need to get around when their unicorns are out of commission.


Nothing says St. Patrick’s day like a drunken public brawl.

st. patrick's day fight

…And the arrest to follow.

arrested on st. patrick's day

Pass the St. Paddy's cheer on or feel the Leprechaun's wrath

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Oversized green sunglasses have been a St. Patrick’s day tradition, dating back to the 14th century.

st. patrick's day glasses

Even if you don’t see bagpipers on St. Patrick’s Day, you WILL hear them. Whether it’s from a passing parade or simply a House of Pain song blaring out of someone’s car.


Did I mention the drunk people?

drunk on st. paddys day

McDonald’s single-handily created the best St. Patrick’s day dessert known to man with its Shamrock shake.

shamrock shake

Goofy St. Paddy’s costumes are a given. Notice the beads, face paint and shamrock antennas, all characteristic of drunken debauchery.

goofy costumes

If you’re not drinking green beer, chances are you’re drinking Irish Whiskey – like a man.

Irish Whiskey

You will see drunks, a LOT of drunks.

drunk on st. paddys day

Unless you live in Chinatown or on a Indian reservation, you will definitely see a parade. Even it’s just one guy in your town and he’s only 1/8 Irish, he will make sure a parade happens.

st. patrick's day parade

Sometime in the early 1990s, St. Patrick’s day took a cue from Halloween and decided that it was going to be a national holiday for good girls to dress slutty and slutty girls to dress even sluttier. Blame the alcohol.

sexy girls

Guinness. ‘Nuff said.


Redheads. They probably won’t all look like this, but St. Patrick’s Day is the unofficial day for ginger pride.

red head

Pass the St. Paddy's cheer on or feel the Leprechaun's wrath

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Oh, and more drunk people.

drunk irish

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