28 Terrifying Pictures of Fish That Will Make You Hug Dry Land

Bodies of water can be scary places. Nothing really has ever happened to me in any body of water, but still, when I see picture of scary fish, I can only conclude that my next step into a lot of h20 will be my last move before a horrible gill-demon eats my face off. Anyway, after looking at these pictures, you will likely find yourself pretty uncomfortable, followed by pretty relieved that you are nowhere near water. Unless of course you’re reading this article on a boat, which would be absolutely the worst thing ever and a watery doom awaits you.


Just a predator fish.

black dragonfish

Side angle of predator fish.

gulper eel

Try smoosing him with your foot. 

massive crab

Like 100 needles in your skin at once. 

lizard fish


Chimaera Pup Fish

The Blob Fish isn’t that scary, but I still don’t want it near me. 


I think I’ll go live on a planet without life. 

fang tooth

Nice to meet you. Time to die. 

black dragon fish



12 men just to hold up the slabfish. 


Its face might be goofy, but I am still afraid. 


Sea ticks. 


Oh Hai.


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How can something so clearly dead make me so afraid?


I HATE the Ocean. I HATE the beach. I HATE water. 


I’m going to have nightmares because of this asshole. 


Never thought a rainbow could make me wince. 


Hey guys, just crawled out of hell. 


This is the inside of a turtle’s mouth. A damn turtle’s! 

Mouth of a sea turtle

What if you woke up with this on your body? 

Scary thing

Stop looking at me. 

scale worm

Never did I think a human mouth would be so horrifying.


Have you seen our friend? He just crawled out of hell.


You guys making bacon? 


Share this with someone who's already kind of scared of swimming.

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Horrible Scary Fish with Proud Midget Bonus (See Right).

bonus midget

Don’t need to spell out what these look like. Imagine jumping in a vat of them. EEE!


The Candiru loves the smell of urine. It will swim up your pee hole and be hard to remove because of its spiky scales. Stay in the pool! 

Candiru and the urine smell

Not Really Scary, but Hitler Goldfish is no Friend of Mine. 


Via reddit.com/r/wtf, and reddit.com/r/deepseacreatures


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