7 Stunning Videos that Will Give You Spine-Tingling Goosebumps

Some videos are so powerful, they can make your hair raise and your spine tingle. These videos are not only brimming with what’s known as “frisson,” the pleasant feeling of chills, they’re packed with powerful messages and touching ideas. There’s something so universal about this feeling, knowing that every person has the capacity to feel it, and that there’s something deeply connecting about just what makes us feel it. I’m addicted to it, that’s for sure.

The Moment when the Lead Singer of Mumford and Son’s realizes he’s made it.

The Power of Words

A Comedian Deals with his Highest Highs and Lowest Lows

A Beautiful Approach to Life

How to Get What You Want

Amaze your friends with these videos!

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Are People Really That Different?

Anything Can be Overcome!

Via reddit.com/r/frisson.

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1 Comment


That blind man vidio was good that lady was so nice to the old man

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