WATCH: Hilarious Drugged Girl Murdered Her Wisdom Teeth

We can all learn a lesson from Kansas teen Abbie Kritz, accept your wisdom teeth, they just want to help you chew. What’s so wrong with that?

Novocaine is a hell of a drug! Abbie’s sorrow and misery is YouTube’s gain in this hilarious video documenting her return home from the dentist. People who’ve had their wisdom teeth yanked out already look pretty hilarious with that giant bandage over their head (it’s like the neck brace, you can’t help but laugh) but the lasting effects of the laughing gas only add to the hilarity.

Abbie’s mother tries her best to convince her that the teeth had to go, but like a long lost lover, Abbie begs them to come back.

They just wanted to be a part of my body and I said no! Get out!” – Drugged up Abbie Kritz

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