Moonwalking Pony Channels Michael Jackson, Greatest GIF Ever is Born

What animal do the internets love more than cats? Dogs… but a not so distant third is miniature ponies. UK mobile company Three knows this and therefore hired a minature pony do do the Michael Jackson moonwalk.

Skeptics will tell you it’s just fancy computer special effects, but we talked to a leprechaun who once spent a summer working the ferris wheel at Neverland ranch and trained the pony his moonwalking moves.

Hook your friends up with the moonwalking pony!

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The cool thing about Three’s pony campaign is it allows users to actually make their own moonwalking pony theme, from punk, to Bollywood or boyband. Is the world ready for a moonwalking pony GIF of this kind of power? Doubtful, but it’s here to stay.

moonwalking pony

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Via Daily Dot

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