20 People Who Just Don’t Care Anymore

Some people just don’t care anymore … or maybe they never cared to begin with. If life’s pressures have got you feeling stressed, take a tip from these folks and watch the worries of the world wash away, along with your dignity, too. Carpe diem or don’t … whatever.

naked dude peeing on cop car

Cue police tazing in 3,2,..

Who farted?

Thy who smelt it dealt it.

Shoeless joe in line

His wife should just be thankful he made the effort to put pants on before leaving the house.

lazy cat don't care

Cats normally give zero f**ks to begin with, but this is taking things to the extreme.

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another naked dude dealing with the cops

Your tax dollars are hard at work dealing with the naked handicapped that run amok on our streets.

idiot is not safe

CAUTION: Not caring can result in spinal injury.

guy doesn't care in recliner

This guy looks very, very familiar. Think I saw him a few years back here.

scooter beard guy

Stupid hat – check. Fanny pack – check. Motorized scooter – check. Back to the Future shoes – check. Hipster king of not giving a f**k – you know it!

kid lying on floor playing games don't care

No, he will not be buying anything today.

working out lady don't care

It’s good to find a gym with a “no judgments” attitude, but I feel some judgement could really be used here.

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a towel is not a shirt

Just because you cut a hole in your towel and stuck your head through it doesn’t make it a shirt. C’mon, Wal-Mart, you’ve got to initiate some kind of dress code, things have just gone too far.

latonja smith don't care


cake don't care

If it has your name on it, then damn straight it’s yours to take.

old lady sleeping don't care

Science has proven that giving a f**k decreases with age and can actually reach negative status.

starbucks guy don't care

An odd choice for Starbucks run.

going to prom solo

It’s nice to think that this kid is a confident playa for going to prom solo, but let’s be honest, we’re all really thinking, SADDEST THING EVER.

bro don't care

“Ain’t no rising flood waters gonna stop me from gettin’ my drink on!”

shark diver don't care

When you can pull this off you have truly mastered the art of “Not giving a f**k.”

zen-baby don't care

Zen baby isn’t going to let something petty like a bear attack ruin his stat of nirvana.

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dude don't care

Abide by the master.

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1 Comment

1 Comment


Tax dollars wasted? Not in my opinion. Somebody’s gotta deal with that shit and it ain’t gonna be me.

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