The 10 Most Creative Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

the most creative twitter accounts

Some twitter feeds out there have actually earned their place in the Library of Congress. While you’re tweeting about your lunch or opinions on American Idol some folks are finding creative uses for that 140-character limit. Here’s 10 accounts you should be following…

Preschool Gems

Curated by a preschool teacher in Portland, Oregon, @PreschoolGems might as well be called Kids Say the Darndest Things: 21st Century Edition. Leslie McCollom tweets the adorable things her students say, without context. McCollom has written a book along the same lines as the Twitter account and you can check out her website here.

Tweets of Old

Tweets of Old lets us know that Twitter has been around for much longer than we thought. The tweets are real one-liners from old newspapers, making for a surprisingly entertaining feed.


If you free associate Kim Kardashian and Søren Kierkegaard, then the @KimKierkegaard twitter account is right up your alley. This twitter account brilliantly mashes up the tweets and musings of Kim Kardashian with the writings of Danish philosopher Kierkegaard, so, as you can imagine, every tweet is gold.

Irish Mammy

Irish Mammy is your well-meaning Twitter mother. Each tweet is a non-sequitur that captures Irish syntax and turns of phrases in a delightful way.

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Modern Seinfeld

Modern Seinfeld is pretty much how it sounds. Run by Jack Moore and Josh Gondelman, each tweet is an episode synopsis as though Seinfeld were airing today.


Mattel wins corporate creativity points by giving Barbie a verified Twitter account. The tweets are pretty much what you’d expect them to be, with frequent mentions of fashion and how much she hearts Ken. But it’s all so charming and clever that you can forgive them for being so blatantly commercial.

Made Up Stats

Made-up Stats is another self-explanatory twitter account, and it delivers on its promise, to varying levels of silliness.

Fake AP Style Book

The Fake AP Style Book mocks style books for writing by offering absurd advice.

Shakespeare Raccoon

Of all the animal twitter accounts, Shakespeare Raccoon might be the most creative. This little guy has big dreams of making it as an actor. He lives in New York’s Central Park, so every summer he observes Shakespeare in the Park, making the occasional cameo in the performances.

David Bonta

David Bonta tweets his observations while sitting on his front porch in Central Pennsylvania. His writing is decidedly old-school, the focus on nature calls to mind Romantic poets like Wordsworth. It’s a nice palate cleanser to all the snark of the internet.

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