The 25 Awesomest Close-Up Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s crazy to think about how big our universe is, literally unimaginable.  What’s crazier is that as physically large as space is (over 28 billion light years in diameter), there are tiny things going on all around us, so much smaller than we realize.  In these pictures, we get a look at a world that exists below most people’s conscious thoughts.  At least, below mine, I can’t say I spend very much time trying to imagine what it’s like to be a bug or a tiny drop of dew. Yet, at these tiny levels of existence, important things happen. Sweat glands, a scratch on a quarter, the roughness of a cat’s tongue, all of these are visible at this scale and stunningly beautiful.


44-year-old Orangutan Hand

44 year old orangutan

Dollar Dollar Bill, Y’all 

20 dollar bill

Do the Dew

lady bug

Llama Eye

llama eye

Cat Tongue

cat tongue

Ant with its Baby

ant with larvae

Sand on Finger

sand on fingertip

Frost Pattern on a Window

Frost on window

Human Eye

human eye

Peacock Feather

peacock feather

Ant vs. Dew

ant and water droplet



Spider Using a Toothpick


Human Skin, check out those pores

palm of hand

Slime Spore

slime mold




Fly close up

Tiny Snowflake

tiny snowflake

Poppy Seeds 

poppy seeds








butterfly tongue

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Speaker Grate

speaker grill

Ballpoint Pen

ballpoint pen

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