The Rolla, Missouri Police Anti-Drug Campaign is Full of Epic Win

The Facebook page of the Rolla, Missouri Police Department reads, “The Rolla Police Dept. is a team of men & women who all share the same passion & dedication in ensuring that Rolla continues to be a safe & secure place to live, work, play, worship & raise your family.”

It SHOULD also read, “Masters of badassery at Photoshop.” Flaming police cars, vicsious attack dogs, and more animals than the Ringling Bros circus are just a few of the themes incorporated into their anti-drug campaign. Crackheads are rarely this creative in their sales efforts.

rolla police department -drugs

This one conveys that drugs are not welcome in Rolla, and violators will be made into instant puppy chow.

rolla police department -drugs

A S.W.A.T. team and fiery explosion? I’ll choose life, thank you.

rolla police department -drugs

Not exactly sure what the meaning behind this one is, but exploding cars are cool and always grab the attention of impressionable youth.

rolla police department -drugs

Everybody loves exotic animals!

Roll on Rolla, share this!

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rolla police department -drugs


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