Thug Kitchen Calls Out Chumps and Haters of Healthy Lifestyles

“Listen, fool, don’t be tryin’ to front like you ain’t tryin’ to get all healthy and sh*t. Da produce aisle is where it at, mofo!”

For OGs that want to ditch the fried food for a more organic, healthy lifestyle but wouldn’t be caught dead on some soft-ass pu$$y site like, there is now Thug Kitchen.

Thug Kitchen is the brainchild of Dr. Thug who founded the blog, and Twitter feed last year after realizing that there just isn’t enough healthy options out there for crypts and bloods to choose from. Nothing can bring a thug down faster when ish gets real like heart disease and diabetes.

Put down the blunt and 40 for a second and pick up a cucumber and apple smoothie. F**k Jamba Juice!

thug kitchen

thug kitchen

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thug kitchen

thug kitchen

thug kitchen

thug kitchen

Via Thug Kitchen, Facebook

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