WIN: The Ten 10 Best Stories of Facebook Justice

Ah, facebook. It’s the website we’re all on, and all love to hate. Now, while the Internet is historically home to a massive amount of facebook failure,  the occasional facebook win does pop-up in one’s newsfeed, whether it be a great joke, an epic story, or a brilliant photograph.  What you’re about to see is just a little bit sweeter, especially if you think justice is sweet.  And you should, because there’s nothing better than exacting and well-deserved revenge upon thine enemies.  Here’s 10 Sweet Examples of Facebook Justice.

The Thief.



Epic Bust.



Instant Karma



From Happy Boyfriend to Single in One Status.



Homophobes Get Served by not being Served.



How to Get Your Stolen Phone Back.


Share this article with a friend in case they lose their phone and want to be awesome about it.

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A Criminal Mastermind.



Airport Battle.



Benefit to Having a Dirty Car.



The Asshole Fine.


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