WTF India?! 10 Photos That Your Eyes Won’t Believe

Just in case you thought Slumdog Millionaire was a Hollywood exageration, we’ve got 10 photos of India WTF to blow your mind. Pack up your passports, Heavies. It’s about to get weird.

Sweet combo guys…

feet touching cars

The weirdest part is that this sign is seen leaving Kottayam.


You don’t need central air if you have an extra pair of pants.


Just your standard Indian traffic hazard. Nothing to see here, move it along, people.

india wtf

Share this if you think India would be a crazy place to visit, but totally wouldn't live there. Ever.

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I don’t even have a joke for this. That’s just awful.

beating Girls

Who Ever Use Bad Grammar Consider Brushing Up.


I’m not a train expert, but fairly certain that much water could cause some issues.

Train Goes Here

In America, copyright laws ruin this kind of awesome. Hail India.


Not sure if the future sucks or this is just India.


You can stop bitching about your morning commute now.

india train

Via Reddit

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