10 Indiegogo Campaigns That Deserve Your Money

Indiegogo is a beacon of hope on the internet. It’s brimming with hopeful people and good ideas. Everything from creative endeavors to charitable projects to start-up businesses can get funding on the site, and here are a few that you can feel good about donating to.

Saving Sea Turtles

This Indiegogo campaign is looking to conserve marine biodiversity in Portuguese waters. All 5 species of sea turtles in Portugal are considered either “endangered” or “critically endangered.” Rehabilitation Center of Marine Animals of Quiaios, which specializes in rehabilitating and releasing marine animals with monitors, is behind this effort and has great faith that it will help the sea turtle population immensely.

Manhattan on $1000 a Month

Amy L. Hayden has done the unthinkable. And she is confident she can teach others how to do the same. She figured out how to have a comfortable and satisfying life on the elite island of Manhattan for a mere $1,000 a month. Hayden is spreading the belief that money shouldn’t be a requisite for following your dreams, and wants to bring her philosophy to a wide audience by publishing her own book. They money raised will be used to publish her book and help this writer teach others what she has learned.

G3Box: Ship a Maternity Clinic to Kenya

Giving birth on a dirt floor is the norm for women in some parts of the world. The engineers behind the G3Box are hoping to change that. Accessible healthcare should be a right, not a privilege, especially when it comes to childbirth. The G3Box can make giving birth a positive and exciting experience for women who would have previously been scared for their lives at the prospect.

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Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece

Peter and Jacqueline have come up with a delicious way to help the economic crisis in Greece–giving people the chance to adopt olive trees. Locals will be hired to tend to the olive groves, harvest, package, and transport, thus creating much-needed jobs. This Indiegogo campaign fully embraces the farm-to-table dining trend, while promoting sustainable practices.

Charitable Phone Cases

Choose from six different causes to support and six different designs and you’ll have a phone case that’s both appealing and philanthropic. The Coconut Phone Cases protect your phone while still keeping in mind those far less fortunate than you. One phone case purchased can provide safe drinking water for 10 people, 1 vaccination for polio, 2 days of AIDS treatment, shoes for 2 children in Haiti, plant 2 trees in the Mau Forest, or heal 5 children of worms–and the choice is yours.

I Have a Bad Feeling About This Movie

Indiegogo was a site originally conceived for funding independent movies, and that tradition carries on today. This campaign is actually to fund the post-production for I Have a Bad Feeling About This, so you can check out the footage they have already. The film looks like a lot of fun, and they have high hopes of getting into the Sundance Film Festival in 2014. Help these young filmmakers out while you can, before they’re big shots and don’t need your help.

Maasai Weaving Project

The Maasai Weaving Project uses green upcycling practices to contribute to the economy in Kenya. The project plans to teach Maasai women how to weave the plastic waste that litters their area into mats and bags and other items they can later sell. Creating these businesses will empower women, as well as let tourists take a piece of their Maasai experience home with them. Reusing the plastic waste prevents cattle and wildlife from ingesting it, as well.

Growing Food and Sustainability

Growing Food and Sustainability gives children in Middleton and Madison, Wisconsin, a hands-on education in wellness and sustainable practices by offering a summer garden camp and after-school programs and clubs. They have turned to Indiegogo in order to be able to raise funds to pay interns over the summer to ensure they get the best help possible. The organization is widening kids’ perspectives while giving them a greater sense on how the world works.

CV Skinlabs: Safe Skin Care

Britta Aragon has designed a skincare line that’s natural and free of toxins, specifically for those suffering from disease and very sensitive skin. She’s raising money to send her products to hospitals, so they can get to those who need it most. She is also going to use the funds raised to market her line of skincare products in cancer centers, to people who need safe relief. Aragon is attempting to make toxin-free skincare the standard, and you can help her out.

The First Online Wellness Center at NoStigmas.org

NoStigmas.org will be a virtual mental wellness center that anyone can access. Those suffering from mental illness need to know they are not alone and help is always available, and this project hopes to do just that. The site will provide a directory of affordable and free health services, as well as a Mental Health Toolkit, and peer support. Extinguishing the stigma around mental illness can only help society move forward.

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