32 Ridiculous Types of Cats You Never Knew Existed

Alright, they aren’t breeds per se, but these are all very real types of cat. You may be living with one of these ridiculous types of cat and not even be aware of it. Prepare yourself…

1. Fur Cat

I’ll bet he could jump like two feet higher after losing those pounds.


2. Kip Cat

“Yeah, I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.”

cat friends

3. Puff Cat

I used to be a raincloud. Now, I like tuna and walking across your keyboard.

Angry furry cat

4. Happy-You’re-Home-Cat

Dude, you’re finally here! P.S. I tore the couch a new one!

friendly cat when you get home

5. Alternative Lifestyle Cat

They’re hoping cat-duck marriage will be legal by 2054.

cat and duck are friends

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6. Batman Cat

His partner is an actual robin.

Cat looks like batman

7. Curly Whiskered Cattus

Actually, this cat was rescued from a fire. Talk about a close-call.

Cat saved from burning building

8. Profile-Piccat

“I’ma look so hot in this selfie!”

cat selfie

9. Two-for-1 Cat

“I’m like Harvey Dent, but nice on both sides.”

Chimera cat named Venus

10. Tail-Loving-Cat

“Yeah, I’m playing with it. Leave me alone.”

tail grabbing cat

11. Undercover Cats

“Oh boy, we’ve been busted… back away slowly. Then book it to the litter box.”

checking your home security camera

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12. Dog-Cat

The best of both worlds, but still shows you his butthole a lot.

dogcat dog cat

13. About-to-Sneeze Cat

“I just want this allergy season to end. Please.”

about to sneeze cat

14. Vengeful French Cat

If you captured this picture of him, it’s already too late.

cat with red hat

15. Worm Cat

Pros: Immune to catching worms.  Cons: Is a worm.

old lady weird cat

16. Hobo Cat

He passes out like he’s got nowhere to sleep, but at least he’s done boozing for the day.

drunk hobo cat

17. Obsessive-Bambi-Fan Cat

“This is happening. This is really happening.”

Cat and deer are friends

18. Christmas Cat

He won’t let you throw out the tree, unless you want to take him with it.

cat inside christmas tree

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19. Expressive Cat

Cat: I’m really this sad. Owner: Dude, you always exaggerate with your furbrows!

sam the cat with eyebrows

20. Fire-Breathing Feline

Her only fears are water Pokemon and the hair dryer.

dragon cat

21. Snowcats

“When  we grow up, we’re gonna be snow leopards!”

cats in a snow fort

22. Ballerina Cat

She has auditioned for Black Swan, but always attacks the lead.

man dances with cat

23. Dragon Impersonating Cat

“It’s always the year of the cat when you live with me!”

Chinese dragon cat

24. Lil’-Nosed Punkcat / Wet Clean Cat

Cute, but fiesty.  Keep away from guests, small children, and save for rainy days.

cat traumatized bath

25. Gentleman Cat

He knows his whiskey as good as his hairballs.

Distinguished gentleman cat

26. Unamused Longcat

A rare but charming breed.  Do not attempt to amuse, it just won’t work.

Rupert the giant cat

27. Height-Discriminant Dance Cat

She demands her partners be reasonably close to her in height, but if you meet the standards, you’re in for a great time.

Worlds smallest man with cat

28. CelebCat

Wears sunglasses constantly and references “smoking herb,” meaning catnip.

pimp cat

29. Budget Ironmancat

He has the latest in cat technology, but cats haven’t come very far. Still a formidable foe to most mice.

ironman cat

30. Daredevil Cat

Blind as a bat, and has also eaten a few bats out of raw boredom.

crazy eyed cat

31. Voldemort Cat

No jokes here, Charlie’s resemblance to he-who-must-not-be-named kept him from a home in 2011.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 2.38.36 PM

32. Lenin Cat

Famed leader of the USSR, if you don’t know, but this cat has smaller aspirations of rubbing against your legs a lot.


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