Top 10 Best April Fool’s Web Pranks of 2013

No pies to the face or scares that you’re going to jail for running an international smuggling ring here. April Fool’s pranks on the web don’t necessarily have the same bite as traditional April Fool’s Day pranks, but they are rather clever and SAFE. Here are the 10 best from around the web…

10. Samsung announces ‘Eco-tree.’

To see, just click above. This one tops the list because it’s decently funny and clever, but then again, it is just some writing with pictures of trees! Come on, Samsung, you gotta spend a few bucks to actually trick people into thinking it’s a product! Anyway, it still makes the list because some of the explanations are pretty clever:

SMART View: Climbing an Eco Tree can help elevate the altitude of your vision.

Wait, that’s just like a normal tree! Ok, good attempt, Samsung, still you’re no Google when it comes to writing fake product features.


9. Toshiba announces ‘Tube-Top,’ an inflatable laptop.

To see, just click above. We give Toshiba props for creativity on this, but just like Samsung, they’re too cheap to actually make some sort of dumb prototype! Come on, guys, it’s way funnier if it looks real even if it’s for just a second. We get it, you sat a guy in a bathtub, and put a laptop on a floaty, you’re a multinational corporation that makes millions of dollars. Spend a few to legit fool some folks.


8. Do a bing search for Google and it turns into Google.

To see just click above and type in “google”. We thought this one made the list just because it showed some humility on bing’s part. I mean, at least they recognize that the only reason a lot of us use bing is just to get to everyone’s favorite search engine. Good work, guys. Maybe I’ll give bing a shot some time. Maybe.


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7. Youtube is ‘done,’ will relaunch in 2023 showing only the best Youtube video ever.

Well, turns out Youtube was just a giant contest. Hope you gave it a good shot because Youtube’s 30,000 technicians will now watch every Youtube video ever made and pick their favorite. Let’s just hope that most of them don’t go crazy, as I suspect would happen if you watch even a hundred Youtube videos. Stay tuned for 2023 when Youtube comes back, but it just shows the one best video ever.

6. Twitter announces Twttr, only lets you use vowels if you pay $5 a month.

Twitter lost some points here for burying this on their blog (can’t seem to find it anywhere from the homepage of twttr), but it is a pretty good send-up of everyone’s tendency on twitter to be as brief as possible. We’ve all had just a bit too much to say for 140 characters, and we can all admit to shoehorning the English language to meet that brutal limit. Some notable quotes here include:

Because our users come first, we believe that “Y” should always be free to everyone — today and forever. You’ll notice in the Twttr example above, the “y” is clearly visible. Also, the vowels in URLs will be also be free for everyone, forever. You can also Tweet in non-Latin characters based languages, like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic or Korean. These languages will remain unaffected by our service change.

What?! Other languages are unaffected?! That’s racist, twtter! Or at least, fake racist…


5. Google announces Google Nose.

Finally, a way to search for that perfect smell! Google scores mad points here for their ever-convincing layout and artful descriptions including “Street Sense vehicles have inhaled and indexed millions of atmospheric miles” and “expertly curated Knowledge Panels pair images, descriptions, and aromas.” You just can’t beat that kind of poetic trickery, even if the whole idea is pretty obviously fake.


4. Soundcloud debuts the Dropometer.

The term “drop” has dubstep origins, but Soundcloud has announced new technology that will let you see the drop in any audio recording! This one scored high on the list just because the idea of This American Life (or any similar droll talk show) being labeled as filled with drops and disappointing some highly naive raver kids is pretty rich. We think this one will actually get some people to say “Ugh! That is not the drop!!!” And that’s funny.


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3. College Humor is now subscription based

While there’s something plausible about this since this is essentially how the New York times works, it tickled our funny bones to see College Humor allowing us a mere two funny videos and articles for free. Something about only being able to laugh at Jake and Amir videos twice weekly lest we shell out $5 is just stupid, and funny.



2.Google Announces Treasure Maps.

To see, just click above, and hit treasure map mode. Google consistently sets the bar for the best April Fool’s prank, and even though this one won’t trick you into doing anything, it’s just plain fun to look at. Shame we all don’t get April Fool’s day off, or this feature is begging for some sort of highly modern scavenger hunt.



1. Imgur announces uploads via snail mail!

To see, just click above, and hit the upload button. This is our favorite because it’s almost plausible– 20 years ago! The internet used to be so slow, it would make sense to send a company a bunch of images and have them upload them instead of going through it yourself. Really, this April Fool’s Prank is just a happy reminder of how far we’ve come.



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