The 20 Awesomest Prank GIFs for April Fools’ Day

Happy April Fools’ Day! In need of a good prank that will leave YOU laughing and your victim squirming in agony? We’ve lined up 20 pranks GIFs that are sure to land you the role of April Fool’s prank master… and maybe put you on somebody’s hit list for next year.

20. Baby Powder in a Hairy Dryer
babypowder prank
Also great for Halloween when you need to become a ghost in a hurry.

19. Happy Birthday… Now You’re Unconscious
cakeout prank
When you wake up, you’ll be a little older and might have permanent brain damage.

18. Everyone’s Worst Nightmare
elevator prank
Probably a more expensive prank endeavor.

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17. The Force is Strong in These Ones
fakeout prank
Invisible tug-of-war causes a fender bender? Explain that to Geico.

16. Ghost Rider Loves Fast Food
ghostrider prank
That guy looks like he will happily indulge in those fries if the spectre doesn’t want them.

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