The 10 Worst Facebook Fails of March


March has come in gone, ushering Easter, a heated gay marriage debate and of course, a hefty dose of Facebook failure. Stand back and awe at the stupidity and social media burns that went down on the feed of fail last month. Your move, April.

easter facebook fail

Let us never forget the day Jesse rose from the dead to rock out with the Rippers.


Ryan hates what he doesn’t understand, and math and English happen to be two of many things.

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capri sun facebook fail

It’s a miracle that Brendan didn’t poke his eye out with one of those Capri Sun straws. Can you believe that Capri Sun?!

lesson-learned dui facebook

Soon to be 648 friends once Jacob gets an opportunity to update his Facebook.

target facebook fail

It’s not often that job apathy benefits the customer but when it does…

funny facebook fails

“…but it like different lol” …Samantha is “like kinda stupid but different lol.”

boss facebook fail

Ouch. Might be time to start looking for a new boss you can make rich.

funny facebook fails

Kudos to Jake for motivating another youngster to stay in school.

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funny facebook fails

Daaaaaaamn, something tells me their might be some underlying drama between James and Charlotte.

funny facebook fails

You know things have gotten a little too creepy when pervs have a problem with social media stalking.

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