It’s National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day! Let’s Get Weird with 20 PB & J Photos

Today is National PB & J day. It’s a day to celebrate the food we were raised on, the food that reminds us of the simpler days, and most importantly, the food that you can spread on anything and make it taste better. We’ve gathered 20 photos to show you how to have a happy PB &J day.


I love sushi and I love PB&J. Why not combine them both?! And drink butter water while you’re at it!


If your love is deep for PB&J, then show them. They will love you forever, but you won’t get love anywhere else. Or from anyone else for that matter. CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY!


This is probably a drunken mistake or just a normal thing from the south. Either way, sign me up!


I don’t even care that Mr. Breyers is racist, I’d love this!


PB&J in a can? Oh man! PB&J on the go! Show me mo’! PB&J on…ok I’ll stop


Definitely gettin’ laid tonight.


Who knew that the PB&J fairy is blind?! Poor little gal. She only visits me in my dreams to cover me in the delicious sauce.


PB & J and meat. Need I say more? F*$# no.


Tell your girlfriend/friend/crush that you have a jar of peanut butter waiting for her…she’ll go NUTS!

girls jelly wrestling-cooked

Tell your girlfriend/friend/crush that you have a pool of jelly waiting for her…she’ll go JELLY! Doesn’t work as well…but it’s girls wrestling in jelly so COME ON WORK WITH ME!


Wait. You mean I can now get drunk off PB & J? I don’t know if this is a brilliant idea or a magnificent one…


Chicken and PB&J is the best thing since sliced bread…there’s a joke in there about bread, I just know it…


Remember when you were 10 and thought of a PB&J pizza? This place makes your dreams come true


I imagine he is listening to Peanut Butter Jelly Time…he just has to be.


I am not opposed to this at all. This looks delish!


For when you can’t decide if you are thirsty or hungry, drink PB&J soda! And get checked out. Hunger and thirst are two very different feelings. It’s not that hard.


To be honest, I googled PB&J and this came up…so…I posted it.


Draw the Mona Lisa with it! And get friends! Even a hamster will do! Don’t die alone!


Nobody can resist the call of PB & J. Not even dogs! Especially dogs.

And now the once deleted video of Peanut Butter Man. This is still confusing as hell, even today. Our apologies.

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