Nearly Naked Italian Women Fight Gladiator Before Fleeing on a Vespa

If you’ve ever seen scantily clad women fight then you should know that clothes will be coming off. What you don’t expect is a Roman Centurion to show up out of nowhere and jump into the mix.

I don’t know Italian, but I’ll do my best to translate.

Slutty girl 1: “Hey, you horsefaced skank, nobody steps on my Prada shoes and just walks away like that.
Slutty girl 2: “B*tch, those are cheap-ass fake shoes.
[fighting ensues]
[enter Roman Centurion]
Centurion: “Ladies, ladies, by the power of Caesar Augustus, I command you to stop!”

What we then get is a David Copperfield magic trick (if David Copperfield was an Italian chick who enjoyed fighting). The girl in the red dress has her entire dress ripped off clean! Yes, it’s a truly impressive fighting move utilized flawlessly by slutty girl number 2. This of course is followed by the “Ooohs and ahhhs from a nearby group of men, followed by a Vespa getaway from slutty girl number 1.

Well done, Italy.

Via Uproxx

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