Leaked Footage of North Korea’s Nuclear Rocket Launch! 10 Terrifying Images

Run for your lives! North Korea’s nuclear threat is looming on the horizon, but just how menacing is this “superpower” from the far east? Well, we’ve gotten our hands on some leaked footage of the great imperial leader’s rocket launching tests, and it is truly terrifying. Basically Kim Jong-Un picked up some bottle rockets and roman candles.

North Korea Nuclear Rocket GIFs

Keep this in mind, North Korea, a rocket in the arse will always ruin your day. Back to the drawing board.

North Korea Nuclear Rocket GIFs


North Korea Nuclear Rocket GIFs

America will block any shot taken by the “great and powerful leader.”

Warn your friends, spread the fear!

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failure to launch north korea

Yes, North Korea’s attempts at a nuclear launch are even more painful and embarrassing to watch than a Sarah Jessica Parker movie.

North Korea Nuclear Rocket GIFs

Cue the embarrassing laughter from the rest of the world.

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