The 20 Awesomest Kids Who Just Don’t Care

Kids play by their own rules and simply don’t care most of the time. Just let them do their thing and have a camera handy to capture the funny that’s about to go down.

Kid with Lollipop on Face
This is where the lollipop goes.

Kid Got in the Make Up
What? This is just his beard.

Kid Grocery Shopping
This kid is acting how everyone feels at Wal-Mart.

Kid with Ice Cream
This is a regulation hot tub.

Kid with a Cigar
The best accessories: a cigar, a Ferrari, and not a care in the world.

Kid Looking at DVDs
No shame when picking out erotic DVDs.

Kid Photo Bombs Couple
A kid’s gotta scratch his butt when a kid’s gotta scratch his butt.

Kid in Front of Fire

Kids Who Don't Care
Carefree in a world of bubbles.

Brave Kid
She has no fear.

Kid Cheating at Blocks
Doesn’t care what the rules are.

Kid Doesn't Care
It begins.

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Kids Drawing on Dad
Attack Dad when he’s at his weakest.

Kid Mooning Class Picture
Putting the “ass” in Class Picture Day.

Disney Middle Finger
No respect for The Little Mermaid.

Kid Spills Coffee
Sorry I’m not sorry, Grandma.

Christmas Picture
These kids don’t care what word they’re spelling.

Rock Star Kid
He doesn’t care what The Man thinks.

Kid Parallel Parking
How long did it take you to learn how to parallel park?

Birthday Kid
And finally, the kid who doesn’t care whose birthday it is.

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