10 Fail GIFs of Dumb Criminals That Prove Crime Does’t Pay

Choose a life of crime and you’re bound to eventually either end up in prison or six feet under. In the meantime though, there’s also the chance that you’ll become a GIF thanks to closed circuit television. Take note, idiots of the world, crime doesn’t pay and the internet has a way of dishing out GIF justice!

fat robber

Just look at this dumbass, walking around like an obese elf from the trailer park who’s elaborate heist involves throwing a rock at the window and then tripping over a parking block. SMH.

chair to the head

He’s going to need that hat to cover up the knot undoubtedly left by the folding chair to the head.

dog attacks robber

Not only does the perp bite off more than he can chew with the guard dog, but the clerk boosts the dog over the counter for a second round of K9 carnage.

dumbass criminal

Aww, nothing ruins a Friday like busting your ass in the parking lot and spilling all your stolen beer.


“Whoa, man, careful, there’s a beverage here!”

glass door

At least he’ll be able to enjoy this GIF after he wakes up.

gramps with chair

Never underestimate old man strength!

robbery gone bad

You’ve gotta have nerves of steel and Jackie Chan reflexes to snatch a shotgun when it’s pointed in your face.

mask fail

First rule of convenience store robbery, know how to put on your ski mask.


Ignorant fool! He totally forgot about the store’s ostrich and luchador security team.

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