10 YouTube Channels to Get You Ready for Comedy Week

All things funny will be celebrated during the YouTube Comedy Week, which started May 19th. In preparation for the week of stand-up, sketches, musical performances, and silliness, here are the 10 of the best YouTube comedy channels awaiting your subscription.


Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher are the brains behind this YouTube channel that produces noteworthy sketches like the above “Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer,” which is pretty much perfect in every way.

Henry Phillips

The “Henry’s Kitchen” series is the highlight of comedian Henry Phillips’ YouTube channel. Watch above as he makes Anytime Chili for One in his typical fashion–steeped in sadness and sprinkled with non sequiturs.

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Bad Lip Reading

Who knew badly reading lips could be so hilarious? Good thing someone did, because each of the videos on this YouTube Channel are guaranteed to make you laugh. Watch the NFL installment above.

5 Second Films

5 Second Films offer micro-bites of entertainment that can be easily consumed and enjoyed. Think of them as the original Vine-ers. Spending some time with their channel is a reminder that limitations foster creativity.

Mister Epic Mann

The DIY aspect of these sketch videos align nicely with their absurd humor. Embrace the silliness of their sketches and you’ll have just about as much fun as they did making them. Check out their “Interpretive Rapping” above and their video on the dining habits of animals here.

Charlie Is So Cool Like

The biggest draw of the Charlie Is So Cool Like is Charlie McDonnell’s personality. He doesn’t exactly create sketches, but as you can see from the above video, his whimsical energy is entertaining enough.


Comedian Chris Hardwick’s media empire is perhaps known more for its podcasting, but the Nerdist crew also uploads entertaining videos that are a must-watch. You can catch clips from their BBC America show, or original material, like the above episode of All Star Celebrity Bowling which pits Nerdist against the cast of Mad Men.


Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, and Reggie Watts form a comedy collective in the form of Jash. The comedians allow themselves “complete creative autonomy,” so they can essentially do whatever they want, much to the enjoyment of us viewers. Watch as they hilariously explain Jash in the above video.


YouTube Comediva

Simply put, Comediva is funny girls making funny stuff. While they may skew slightly to the girlier side, their appeal is universal and they take inspiration from a wide range of fodder. Check out the sketch above, in which GMail and Siri are embodied as humans.

7 Minutes in Heaven

Fans of awkward celebrity interviews will enjoy Mike O’Brien’s take on the sub-genre. The Saturday Night Live writer invites game celebrities into his closet, mimicking the middle school make-out game. And yes, he gets the celebs to make out with him. Watch O’Brien and Jon Hamm above.

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