Drunk Idiot Chases Elephant and He ISN’T Dead

There’s dumb and then there’s you-should-be-dead dumb. The above video shows a safari guide who has to be one of the most idiotic individuals still alive on the planet taunting and charging an angry African elephant at Kruger National Park in southern Africa.

In the video, the man who may or may not be intoxicated confronts the standoffish elephant after being encouraged by his friends. One of the man’s buddy’s yells out “Run at him, run at him right now!” The man does indeed run at the elephant, which appears to be stunned by the human’s incredible cockiness and erratic behavior. The elephant takes a few steps forward warning the moron that he’s bitten off more than he can chew before probably deciding it’s not worth it and running away.

The man survived the potential elephant stomping and lost his job in the process. Cue the Nelson Muntz laugh.

Via Huffpost.

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