Is JCPenny Now Making Hitler Tea Kettles?

Nothing starts a morning quite like a hot cup of tea – especially if it has the approval of the Führer. Whaaaa?! A Redditor on I-405 in California noticed a JCPenny billboard for a tea kettle that looks oddly like Adolf Hitler – kinda. Yes, you kind of need to squint but, the mustache, the greasy comb-over, it’s all there.

hitler kettle

The “Nazi kettle” is listed for $40 on JCPenny’s website and was designed by Michael Graves. Could Michael Graves be a skinhead neo-Nazi trying to bring unsuspecting tea drinkers into the underground world of the Aryan brotherhood?! Doubtful. Just don’t expect to see this tea kettle listed on JCPenny’s website for much longer, despite its positive shopper reviews.

Now the Mussolini waffle maker, that’s a piece of kitchenware you simply can’t live without.

hitler kettle

Via Reddit

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