Man Takes Taco Bell on Beefy Crunchy Burrito Tattoo Challenge (10 Photos)

Most of us can probably agree that Taco Bell is great. Where else are you going to find a poor substitute for Mexican food at 2 am for under $4? But do you love it enough to let them ink you with one of their signature menu items? A guy on Taco Bell’s Twitter feed named Justin does.

Justin swore to the Bell that he would get inked with their beefy, crunchy burrito when he heard it would be returning for a limited time only. Listen, when you tell Taco Bell that you’re down for a challenge, let it be known, they will take you up on it. Hopefully Justin at least gets a couple of free burritos out of this deal. Do the right thing, TB.

The tasty finished product…


And just to round out this post of corporate sponsored tats, here’s 10 more folks who are now branded for life with corporate America.

mcdonalds tattoo

Dollar menu til the day he die, yo!

nike eyebrows

Nice Nike tattoo, but why so pissed off? Oh, waaait…


It’s important to remind your neighbors how badass you are every time you mow the yard.


Amazing. Never has there been or will ever be, a worse tattoo than the Wal-Mart tramp stamp.

monster tattoo

Monster Beverages thanks you for your dedication. Free sticker is in the mail!

kraft tattoo fails

What better way to remember how shitty life was at 22 than a permanent reminder of the only food you could afford.

apple tattoo

Somewhere out there is a geek with an Android tattoo hatin’.

burger king tattoo

That tat is almost as scary as the real thing.


This man is dedicated to lousy electronics customer service for life!


You like fried chicken. You like biscuits. We get it, the the tat wasn’t needed.

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