WATCH: Angry Locksmith Gets Revenge on Alley Peeing Drunks with Buckets of Water

Be careful which alleyway you choose to take a leak in, because you may find yourself drenched in water.

Two locksmiths in Allentown, Pennsylvania were tired of people using the alleyway behind the shop as a toilet so they did what any annoyed business owners would do – showered water on them. The locksmiths installed a shower that would let their urinary offenders know they weren’t welcome. How this pee-deterrent shower works isn’t clear exactly. Heat sensitive perhaps?

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Aside from the colorful commentary, a few of the offenders (both men and women) even attempt to finish their “business” after being soaked.

YouTuber dan291968’s videos which have racked up thousands of hits serve as a warning to those who might be seeking to drain the lizard in the shop alley. Justice has been served!

Via Daily Mail

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