Worst Room Tumblr Highlights Terrible Roach Den NYC Apartments

Apartment hunting sucks. It’s usually an endless Craigslist feed of places that seem too good to be true or look like a sex dungeon from Law and Order SVU. New York City is notorious for having ridiculously small, overpriced apartments and some people are actually renting these roach riddled shoeboxes. The Tumblr, The Worst Room captures some of the worst Big Apple dwellings out there that are currently for rent. Come and get’em, suckers.

worst nyc apartments

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. $725.00… “With kitchen.” Cook some macaroni on your stove then eat it over the sink as cry into your food.

worst nyc apartments

Williamsburg, Brooklyn. $1200.00 (has reliable electricity). Because you’ll want proper lighting to see the horrible room you live in.

worst nyc apartments

Bushwick, Brooklyn. $590.00… bedbug riddled mattress included.

worst nyc apartments

Room with Free Internet. Brooklyn, NY. $550.00 At least you can use that free internet to email your family and tell them how you made a horrible decision.

worst nyc apartments

Park Slope, Brooklyn. $1100.00 “Must be okay with low ceilings.” Perfect for a recluse or vampire.

worst nyc apartments

Upper East Side, Manhattan. $1600.00 “My roommate and I are both 5’4” and don’t even notice the ceilings, but my boyfriend who is 6’ sometimes has to watch his head.”

worst nyc apartments

Washington Heights, Manhattan. $300/month. Wow! Only $300 AND has a window?! What’s the catch?

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