Getting Sucked into the YouTube Vortex: A GIF Story

You know you can relate to this. No one is immune to the YouTube vortex.

Look up that song on YouTube that you don’t feel like downloading. Proceed to rock out.

Dwight GIF

When it occurs to you: it’s been a while since you watched that Bruce Springsteen video with Courteney Cox in it.

Courteney Cox and Bruce Springsteen GIF

Nice. You should also check up on some Friends.

Friends GIF

Just one more Friends clip won’t hurt.

Ross and Rachel GIF

Wait, why am I watching so many Friends clips?

Phoebe Friends GIF

That’s a good point, Rachel. Koalas.

Rachel GIF

1 or 4 Koala vids later.

Koala GIF

When suddenly. All of the puppies.

Puppy GIF

You run across that video of the dog and elephant who are best friends.

Tobias GIF

Regain your composure with some cat doing something weird.

Smiling Cat GIF

Kitten videos. It’s almost impossible to handle the cuteness.

Monsters Inc GIF

Oh, is that a Jennifer Lawrence interview?

Jennifer Lawrence

Ha ha ha she’s delightful.

Jennifer Lawrence GIF

Just one more JLaw interview.

Jennifer Lawrence GIF

Did you just spend an hour and a half watching Jennifer Lawrence interviews?

Jennifer Lawrence

Invite others into the YouTube Vortex

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It may be time to reassess your life choices.

Shame GIF

You give yourself a pep talk.

Lady Gaga Gif


Disney GIF

This is how you spent your Saturday.

Ryan Gosling GIF

But… you’re not hurting anyone.

Haters Gonna Hate GIF

It’s time you took control of your own happiness.

I Do What I Want GIF

Just do you.

Friends GIF

And maybe watch one or two more Friends videos…

Friends Joey GIF

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