News Anchor and Weather Girl Hate Each Other in Most Catty Video Ever

The claws are out and the fur is about to start flying at CBS’s local Philadelphia affiliate.

A hilarious new YouTube compilation video captures the incredibly passive aggressive banter between the morning news anchor and weather girl. Former Miss Pennsylvania 2005 beauty queen, Nicole Brewer cuts into weather girl Carol Erickson with biting remarks so bitchy you’d think it was a Mean Girls spin-off.

Well Carol I would say that forecast is bananas, but I know that’s completely wasted on you, so, I won’t [after reporting a story on gorillas]. “


While Joanne Calabria, president of public affairs for the station denies any sort of rift between the two, viewers speculate otherwise.


Clearly, the only way to solve this sort of thing in a professional manner is a classic pudding wrestling match.

Via NY Daily News

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