20 Signs You’re From Toronto and Love It


If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you may have noticed a potentially satirical meme of this deritative: “Welcome to Toronto. Our hockey team sucks, and our mayor smokes crack.” Here are 20 ways Torontonians know that’s not what Toronto is ALL about…

1. You still call Rogers Centre the Skydome.



2. You constantly rip on the Leafs, but you’ll still wear the blue and white.

Maple Leafs

3. You don’t know anybody who lives in Whitby.


4. You refuse to drive by Jane & Finch – even in broad daylight.

Jane Finch

5. You realize Forest Hill is an affluent neighbourhood, and Drake lived there, so it’s possible that he didn’t “start from the bottom” (like he claims).


6. The only celebrity you can think of who graduated from York University is Rachel McAdams.

Rachel McAdams

7. A sense of paranoia spells over you when standing on the transparent glass floor of the CN Tower.

CN Tower

8. You can name at least 5 sushi restaurants in the downtown Toronto, Richmond Hill or Markham areas.


9. You leave an hour earlier, because you’re taking the 401.

Highway 401

10. You can’t live a summer’s day without your Tim Hortons ice capp.

Tim Hortons

11. You know Lindsay Lohan filmed two movies here (Mean Girls & Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen) within the same few months, and you know where. Oh, and Megan Fox was there too.

Lindsay Lohan

12. You spent your prom cottage at Wasaga Beach.

Wasaga Beach

13. You rode Wonderland’s Behemoth at least once.


14. You watch movies at Collosus, but immediately find parking in the plaza across to avoid parking in the front – or back.


15. You remember wearing the dunce cap at Pioneer Village during a school trip for “educational purposes.”

Pioneer Village

16. Your favourite malls are Yorkdale, Vaughan Mills or Eaton’s Centre.

Eaton Centre

17. You tracked celebs by newspaper during TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).


18. You’ll take Niagara’s Fallsview Casino over Orillia’s Casino Rama any day – or night.

Fallsview Casino

19. You detest Rob Ford as much as the next person (but, really some people just equally don’t care to…)

Rob Ford

20. Walking through Dundas Square seems refreshing to you, because it reminds you EXACTLY of New York City.

Dundas Square

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