The 10 Funniest Coubs You Need To Watch


We’ve got Vine, we’ve got video on Instagram and now we’ve got Coub. While the first two let users capture a 6 or 15 second video, Coub is a little different in that it allows users to create looping videos up to 10 seconds using videos from Vimeo, YouTube, or their own work and alter the music. Needless to say, things can get pretty weird and very hilarious. From dick songs to Justin Bieber singing along with a goat, here are 10 hilarious Coubs that’ll put Vine to sleep.

Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

How Fast Were You Going?

DJ (Dog)

Zhirinovskiy – “My Dick”

никита сергеевич ламар (translation: another dick song)

Ralph Wiggum Knows What You Really Want

Virtual Insanity

From Putin to Slim Shady

Balls of Steel

Ace Drivetura