Instagram Adds Web Embeds: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Instagram has added web embeds to their app today. Instagram has been on a tear with updating the app, having just announced a new Instagram Video service. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. Easily Embed Instagram Photos & Videos

The photo-sharing site as announced a new feature that would work with its recently released video function — Instagram now can include web embeds. The new tool lets account holders embed content from Instagram into other sites like blogs and websites. The purposes for this tool are endless. CNET feels that incorporating the videos and photos can help supplement news coverage. Web embeds were one of the most requested features when Instagram Video premiered. To celebrate this occasion, the company’s communication manager Tyson Wheatley posted this video seen above.

2. Embedded Images and Videos Include Your Username

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 1.52.02 PM

The process is very simple. When viewing another Instagram profile, an embed button appears on the right side of the comment button. Click the button in order for the code to appear. Copy the block of text it provides and paste it into your blog, website, etc. After you publish it, the photo or video should appear in the post, but with your profile attached. Of course, users can position the embed code wherever they want and your Instagram user name will appear on all content you share. The point is to show the community that the embedded image belongs to you.

3. Photos Need To Be Public

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 2.18.03 PM

Pictures shared on the site will be like the one seen above. They include the amount of likes and comments on the bottom as well as your profile name displayed at the top. Head down towards the comment button and the embed key will appear. However, there is a catch for this new tool. Only photos marked public can have this aspect of the video service. Users can choose to opt out of it if they feel like its too invasive. This is another method to ensure protect content and deal with privacy issues so many of the other tech companies are facing.

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4. Instagram vs. Vine


While Instagram just got the ability to embed videos and pictures, Vine videos have been embeddable for awhile. The rivalry between Vine and Instagram is actual wonderful for both companies, and users especially: When Instagram Video was announced, Vine countered by announcing some new, creative, features. Now, Instagram announces web embeds, which should really help their Internet presence.

5. Instagram Will Attract More Users


Speaking of improving Internet visibility, web embeds should help Instagram be more visible across all of the different platforms on the Internet, besides social media. Web embeds should increase content production allowing more users to be aware of the service — especially those that don’t use Twitter and Facebook.

It also helps specific users increase their visibility of their brand. The fact that a username can appear all over the Internet can attract a significant amount of exposure for both Instagram and the user. Aspiring photographers can take advantage of a innovative portfolio. Instagram’s user base has an estimated 130 million active users. Expect more to come as Instagram morphs into a powerful content distribution platform.