6 Fourth of July Vines You Can’t Miss

While many Americans spent 4th of July with family and friends, soaking up the moment, others captured the red, white and blue nostalgia with their Vine accounts. It might be hard to capture the glory of a fireworks show in 6 seconds, but luckily we’ve got a patriotic belly dancing fat guy to make up for it. Consider these your 6 best tributes to America, 6 seconds at a time.


If you missed the Macy’s Fireworks Show with Usher and Justin Bieber, this Vine provides an accurate recap.


You’re American, right? So you like nipples and fireworks, right?


If you didn’t have access to cheap Chinese fireworks yesterday, this is a recap of what you missed.

Your friends would be so into this, share it!

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This is the freedom that our military affords us. Don’t look away, embrace it.


Okay, I take back what I said about fireworks shows losing their luster on Vine. This is pretty damn awesome.


The 4th of July aftermath. So many cans…

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