North Korea’s First Instagram Videos Show Secret World

North Korea became a little less isolated a few months ago when they opened up their 3G network. With 3G comes social media and with social media comes revolution! …and cat videos.

Associated Press photographer David Guttenfelder have started capturing the life inside the uber-secretive country. Naturally, any visitors in the country, especially members of the press are extremely limited to what they can and can’t see. If you saw the National Geographic documentary a few years ago with reporter Lisa Ling, you know that North Korea is notorious for hiding its oppressiveness and poverty behind a curtain of prosperity.

Check out some of these Instagram videos that we’re certain the great imperial leader doesn’t want you to see.

“North Korean soldiers stands guard at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that divides the two Koreas.”

“The open road. A North Korean national highway between #Pyongyang and #Kaesong.”

“North Korea’s late leaders welcome guests checking in at a #Pyongyang hotel lobby.” Wonder if the continental breakfast has a waffle maker?

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“Rural North Korea. South of #Pyongyang.”

“Roadside propaganda next to a construction site in #Pyongyang, North Korea.”

“A North Korean woman adds up the restaurant lunch receipts while military videos play on the TV behind the counter.”

Via Gizmodo

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