Reddit Exposes Golden Corral Filth with Shocking Video

I’ve been to Golden Corral a few times, it’s been awhile but from what I remember it did feel a bit like a trough of suspicious food was being wheeled out. Thankfully, I have never been to the Port Orange, Florida location which is about to be non-existent.

Daily Dot reports that the below clip was uploaded to YouTube on July 1st, but didn’t really start sparking outrage until Reddit got a hold of it. If there’s anything Reddit likes more than gross stuff, it’s exposing gross stuff that brings down shady business practices.

Golden Corral employee Brandon Huber is the food service version of Edward Snowden, exposing the disgusting Corral’s “sanitation” practices of keeping food right out by the dumpster. That endless buffet of ribs becomes a lot less appealing when you find out the meat was left by the dumpster a few hours earlier.

A waitress of the national buffet chain also posted some disgusting photos of the kitchen conditions. All together now… Ewwwwwwwwww!

golden corral gross

golden corral gross

golden corral yelp

golden corral yelp

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