10 TSA Agents You Don’t Want Cupping Your Junk

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1 Comment

Kim Stevens

A letter I wrote to TSA

Well we are on our way to Norway for a last trip before my boyfriend goes on his third deployment.
In San Diego my boyfriend goes in front of me in the security line. He goes through the body X-ray and the agent asks what’s in his pocket. He shows it and I can’t see. The agent blurts out “So when are you getting engaged?!”
Of course I heard and my jaw dropped. I had no idea he was going to propose, especially right before he was about to deploy. The agent did not apologize or anything.
It really ruined the surprise and this huge trip he planned just to propose. I can tell he’s really disappointed. So still we are not engaged and I guess maybe he might change his proposal.
Just thought you should know. Thank you,
Kim Stevens

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