Twitter to Put Abuse Button on All Tweets After Activist Gets Rape Threats


After a successful campaign to include women on English bank-notes, feminist activist Caroline Criado-Perez was subjected to a barrage of rape threats delivered through Twitter.

A petition formed requesting that the social media site install a prominent “report abuse” button on its tweets, and Twitter has now agreed to do it.


Perez received almost 50 tweets every hour and felt “disgusted” that this was the cost of standing up for women’s rights. Criado reported these vile comments to the police, which resulted in the arrest of a 21-year-old Manchester man.


Many women felt that the social media site failed to be responsible when it came to this issue. Twitter’s privacy policy has always been to ban inappropriate content like this, but it doesn’t enforce it very well.

Victims had to file these reports with the authorities. At the beginning of this campaign, Criado Perez and her followers reached out to Twitter’s UK news and journalism manager Mark S. Luckie. His response to these requests was to turn his profile private.

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Fortunately, this protest received some justice. Combining the arrest with Twitter agreeing to create this button, the efforts by this protest has established a new preventative measure for cyber-bullying.

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