NHL’s Tyler Seguin Posts Homophic Tweet, Claims Hack

Tyler Seguin, Boston Bruins

On Saturday, July 6, a homophobic tweet was sent out from 21-year-old Dallas Stars forward, Tyler Seguin. The tweet, posted at 8:38pm by @TylerSeguin92 said “Only steers and queers in Texas, and I’m not a cow.”

Tyler Seguin Gay Tweet

Tyler Seguin posts Gay Tweet

As the post started getting attention and Seguin quickly deleted the post, claiming another hack.

Seguin was recently traded from the Boston Bruins to the Dallas Stars. Rumours have surfaced that he was traded because of his off ice behaviour, mainly involving his party habits. It got so bad that during the team’s recent Stanley Cup run, the Bruins had to hire a guard to monitor Seguin after ordering him to live in a hotel.

The attention quickly moved to Patrick Burke, the President of the You Can Play Project, an organization working to end homophobia in sports. Burke was quick to support Seguin’s claim.

Take this as you will, but Seguin needs to learn to put a password on his phone. Hockey doesn’t have room for scandal like this and teams won’t be excited to work with a player who’s friends have the maturity of fourteen-year-olds.

UPDATE: Seguin has announced that he will be taking some time off Twitter. Here’s his statement.

Probably a good idea.